Pet Digital Radiography at Salina Veterinary Hospital in Salina, KS

At Salina Veterinary Hospital, we understand the importance of accurate and timely diagnostic testing in veterinary medicine. That’s why we proudly offer pet digital radiography as part of our comprehensive suite of diagnostic services.

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We Provide Safe and Effective Imaging

Pet digital radiography is a safe and effective imaging modality that utilizes low doses of radiation to generate detailed images of your pet’s anatomy. Our digital radiography equipment produces high-resolution images, allowing our veterinarians to accurately assess your pet’s health and diagnose various medical conditions.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Capabilities

Digital radiography can be used to evaluate various aspects of your pet’s health, including:

  • Bone structure and integrity
  • Organ size, shape, and position
  • The presence of foreign objects or abnormalities
  • Soft tissue structures, such as the heart and lungs
  • Joint health and mobility

Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy

With pet digital radiography, our veterinary team can quickly obtain and interpret diagnostic images precisely. Digital radiography lets us zoom in on specific areas of interest, adjust image contrast and brightness, and share images electronically for consultation with specialists. This enhances our ability to diagnose accurately and develop tailored treatment plans for your pet’s unique needs.

Expert Care You Can Trust

When you choose Salina Veterinary Hospital for pet digital radiography, you can trust that your pet will receive compassionate care from our experienced team. Our veterinarians and support staff are dedicated to providing the highest standard of veterinary care, and we will work closely with you to ensure that your pet’s health needs are met with professionalism and expertise.

Schedule Your Pet’s Digital Radiography Today

If your pet requires diagnostic imaging services, we invite you to schedule an appointment for pet digital radiography at Salina Veterinary Hospital. Our advanced imaging capabilities and commitment to excellence make us the premier choice for veterinary care in Salina, KS, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your pet’s appointment.